Justin Plasket is something between an overly optimistic daydreamer and a pragmatic thinker. He believes the term for that is “Aspiring Writer.” Studying Creative Writing at Iowa. He plays several brass instruments (with varying degrees of success) and greatly enjoys food.

Always a climb...

On a more intimate level, Plasket pretends he has a sense of humor but winds up telling half jokes or stuttering or whatever and effectively making himself into an ass. He has trouble spelling the word “Restaurant” and has spelled it “resturaunt,” “restaraunt,” “resturant,” and “restau-fuck this. How do you spell… a-u-r-a-n-t. Thank you!”

He crosses his big toe over his second toe because it is “comfortable” though the world knows this is just his attempt to justify any future “toe tapping” that might occur. He is very paranoid of accidental toe tapping as he actually has yet to wikipedia how it is done and therefore, he needs a good excuse should a situation ever arise (ahem, Larry Craig) where he might need a speedy exit from said situation. He also farts himself awake on very rare occasions. Yes, exactly like you have seen your dog do (or the Family Guy gag). Exactly. Like. That. (This is not a joke, actually.)

His life currently seems firmly planted in the soil and cement of Iowa City but possible vacation spots where one could find Justin are: Libya, North Korea, and Detroit. He likes to travel cheap and apparently no place offers better deals. Albeit he does hate long flights so all but Detroit are out. He hopes to one day move to LA and actually get paid to type and spell and punctuate and not use run on sentences. Until then, he is known as a “student” at the (Ed. sorry, Raygun, I’m stealing your clever shirt idea.) Iowa University in Idaho City, Ohio. (Ed. Nope? No laughs? I guess it is only funny on t-shirts.)

He is an avid science fiction fan although he has somehow managed to avoid conventions and nerdfests (Ed. That is a blatant lie) and yet he has coined the term “Nerdgasm.” Jeri Ryan once tweeted him a winky face (like this: “:-P”) and he takes that as a sign of good things to come.

On a more serious note though, I try and be the best human being I possibly can. I fall far short of that mark every single day but it is something I strive for and chase after. I tell/write stories and enjoy entertaining people with them. I swear too much and find some pretty awful jokes to be utterly hilarious but at the end of it all, I am just an average college student who now has this blog thing that really has no aim.

That’s it for now. Until next time.

See you, space cowboy.


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