Happy Ending (For 2 dolla!)

No no… this is not an “exotic massage.”  C’mon, people!

2 Dolla holla!

So there’s your brief moment of immaturity out of me for the day.

Anyway… So I work in this awesome place with great food and an absolutely amazing staff.  Probably the closest I’ve felt to a group being a “family” that is not called the “HMB Trombones.”  We all care about one another, all look out for one another, and take care of one another.  It’s by far my best experience at a job to date.

So about 6 months ago, I started there.  This girl with wild hair, a rambunctious side a mile long, and a pretty… strong… personality was training me.  99% of the time, I find a way to not get along with someone so SIMILAR to me (minus the hair part because mine never actually looks GOOD).  This turned out to be the 1% and we became friends.  From instagram photoshoots outside in the middle of a tornado warning to dealing with life and everything in between… (including one instance where one of us may have taken a picture of one of the construction workers and sent it to the other in a text saying “Your shift started 15 minutes ago.  This is what you’re missing right now.”  Because… what are friends for?).

The elements of this picture make up an inside joke or two. Don’t worry. It’s still a funny picture at face value.

And a few nights ago, I hugged her goodbye as she was moving the next day.  It took me a long time to realize it but if Eric is my brother, Haley is definitely my sister.  She’s wild.  She’s crazy.  And keeping with the 1% theme… that was one of the first times I struggled with a goodbye (though I got out of the restaurant before I really started having issues… what a walk home haha!).

So that whole thing kinda… sucked… a bit.  It also got me thinking.  Haley moved, Eric is moving in January… and come June-ish… I’m taking my final bows in this city (and there will be a collective applause/sigh of relief when I leave the university, I’m sure).  Unlike high school, this is an ending I get to prepare for.  I don’t really have the same “delusions” (though that’s a harsh connotation) of keeping up with ALL of the people I know.  Obviously, I’ll keep in touch and I’ll be back from time to time… but this time feels like a lot bigger step.

I don’t need to bring up sore spots for the nerds out there (spoiler alert: I’m going to anyway) but the ending is just as important as the story.  The astute nerd will cringe at…


…or the ending to Battlestar (which, for the record, I DO NOT MIND!).  Endings are important and I want to have the 3rd act of Cabin in the Woods rather than Mass Effect 3.  The issue I have is that I’m a writer so I’m constantly making up my own endings… and you can’t really write the closing of a chapter in real life… you just experience it.

So in the end, drink a toast, experience it all, and get set for a rocky but fun ride.

See ya next time, Space Cowboys.


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