If You See a Stranger, Follow Him!!!!

Well, if you can’t enjoy Emma Stone using a shake-weight, what can you enjoy in life?  I’ll leave this here and the poor straight guys who stumble upon this blog can just enjoy it ’til their hearts’ content…

Emma Stone thinks Shake Weights are fun! (I do too)

But really now, life’s about the little things.  I’ve officially moved into my new apartment (and am on the hunt for furniture!  Street corner shopping at its best!) and had a past week that’s been one of the single best weeks in recent memory.  The little brother was even up for a visit that involved me actually WINNING a wrestling match… which was an amazing feat and will never happen again (most likely).  The writing has started to crank back up (currently working on something like 3 feature lengths, a new pilot, and slowly whittling away at my “Dream list of ideas to write/things to work on” (all while adding even more to it]).  The best part of it all is that I’m finally getting enjoyment out of everyday life again.

I found this yesterday. Laughed for at least fifteen minutes straight.

Yeah, so this is probably the most “journal” type blog post I’ve done— no no, we’re not counting the break up posts haha— but it honestly is all the little things in life that I’ve been missing.  See, partly by my own accord, I spent the past couple months either up in my room, at work, or taking insanely long showers.  I put entirely too much energy and effort into a fruitless and relatively bad situation.  And I moped a LOT.  So now, it’s been this big return to hitting on everything that moves, smiling a lot, jamming out to awesome music, and day dreaming like a complete BO$$.


But seriously now… the little things.  Learning to make new drinks, suggesting favorite books to friends who need summer reading material, lots and lots of Sealab 2021, and of course, time with the little brother.  Pretty frickin’ awesome!  OH!  And soccer.  Lots and lots of soccer.

This was a while ago… and yes, I’m also a Tartan Army fan… but Michael Bradley is a beast and this was an absolutely DISGUSTING goal.

So yes, it’s the little things that make everything awesome.  And since you made it this far, I’ll reward you with one more .gif… and it is from a kids’ show… and you’ll wonder what EXACTLY happened to wholesome kids’ tv…

Adventure Time is NOT a kids’ show…

I’ll hit y’all back with a more serious/less “journal” style blog later in the week.  Anyway, hope all 6 readers (another has been added!) are doing well.

If you see a stranger, FOLLOW HIM!!!! – Ed, Cowboy Bebop: “Mushroom Samba”


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