Yeah… it was you…

“Because, fuck it, why not?”

Those words have gotten Johnny Knoxville entirely too much attention, broken up Kim Kardashian and Kanye … or if Gossip magazine is to believe then it would be that he is not famous enough (and that’s just “Starlet Whore-speak” for “he is not very big” and we’ve all seen the Ray-J video…)… and also gotten Brangelina and Madonna entire Third World countries living in their houses.  They’ve also gotten me either into or out of sticky situations (NOT LIKE KARDASHIAN!  NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE!  YOU DIRTY, DIRTY READERS!!).

“Because, fuck it, why not?” got me thinking I NEEDED some sort of “acceptance” or whatever.  It got me all stuck on some dude who turned out to be pretty shitty at anything but being a shitty person.  Hell, it even got me indirectly tweeted at because I’d had it… and believe me, any chance to go back to 7th grade but taking twitter and facebook with me and you better BELIEVE that I’m there… oddly enough, I ran into the ghost of Michael Jackson there a once too… (get it?)

I HIGHLY endorse the Adult Swim program “Black Dynamite” as long as you are okay with the fact that you will be offended, they do go there, and no punches are pulled. It is HILARIOUS. Keep an open mind.

The big thing is that “Because, fuck it, why not?” also got me OUT of said situations.  It’s also made me who I am.  WHY NOT pick up that Bishop/Cable single issue in the comic book store when I was 11?  Why NOT try the new Cab we got in (months ago.  It’s not new.  It IS hella good though)?  Why NOT start writing?  I’m not saying that it’s the best mantra to go back to.  Somebody puts a line of cocaine on the table in front of you and MAYBE it’s not the best attitude if you have an addictive personality.  The thing is, though, sometimes it’s the only way to literally plug back into the person you are and that you forget you are sometimes.

I’m this nerdy, comic book crazed, science fiction obsessed, BBC America fan.  I love soccer, cars, football, and I’m slowly getting into motorcycles.  I cross my big toe over my middle toe on each foot because it’s comfortable.  Hell, I never really watched children’s television after I started talking… it was straight to Star Trek (even as I wrote that, I could hear Eric’s voice in my head saying “haha the only time Justin’s ever gone ‘straight’ for anything).  There’s a lot for it to “not be me” about (the famous “It’s not you, it’s me” line)… and I’m completely okay with that.

A. He was sexier with the beard. B. Yeah… Commander William T. Riker… TAKE ME…. until Chris Pine’s Kirk shows up.

In the end, so some doucher treated me like complete crap and dragged me along for 8 months.  It’s not like some horrible thing happened in my life.  In all my “woe is me” that I did leading up to the final blow out, I was so obsessed with this whole “it’s something wrong with me” thing.  I tried to change myself so much.  I yearned to be “accepted” by a group of people I never really cared for, liked, tolerated, or wanted anything to do with.  It took finally letting loose of everything to realize that I’m just fine.  I’m weird as hell but really…

Well… yeah.  I’ll throw another post up soon so it’s a lot less “blah blah blah break up blah blah blah” in the near future.  Until then… enjoy this… it is AMAZING.


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