Far Beyond All Those Distant Stars

I have this nightly routine.  I come home from work, go to the bathroom upon getting home (I drink a TON of fluids at work), and then go shower before going up and working on a script or blog or essay or something all while talking to Eric and having some family time with him.  Normally, the dick jokes and bro-speak runs amok and we have ourselves a grand ol’ time escaping from our days and unwinding over facebook chat… but occasionally, we actually get to some heavy stuff.

I’m a Family Guy fan… are you surprised I found this?

So last started out as any night… we spent some time talking about our days and lives and then starting actually writing together.  It was over a joke line in a script I’m working on that was spoken by a character who is modeled a bit after Eric.  So basically, women jokes, period jokes, and a pretty epic Black Friday joke that got reworked and reworked until it fit perfectly.  It’s been a goal of mine to actually write a movie with him for this precise reason: it’s fun for both of us.  Anyway, we got through that and kept talking about different parts of the script and doing our usual thing… and then it changed and got all introspective.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about why I enjoy writing and adapting a new story to a preexisting franchise and with preexisting characters.  Sometimes, the hardest stuff for me to look at and deal with in my own life is somehow made easier – at least for me – when viewed as metaphor.  Well, I’ve got this story right now – this script – that is really little more than fan-fiction in screenplay form… and I’m okay with that.  Different parts of this story have really helped me grapple with a great many things I’d rather just curl up under my bed with blankets and comic books than actually deal with.  It’s been fun.  It’s been difficult.  I’ve laughed and I’ve cried a bit and it’s this giant … well… thing… that I happen to love (almost as much as puppies dressed like the Doctor)…

I can’t remember if I’ve busted this out before or not but it is quite amazing/adorable.

But see this is the big thing about writing and tv and movies… at least the good stuff… They’re things we enjoy.  They give us an escape from our lives that often, we need.  The best of them are able to offer us that escape but also extend a hand and give us the chance to have a companion with us on a journey that speaks to our own lives, if we let it.  Batman Begins is all about conquering fear and learning to put yourself back together/finding the inner strength to make yourself more than what you are in any given moment.  Inception is about making a movie – or the creative process in general.  Alien is about giving birth – okay okay no it’s not… but I had to make the joke anyway.  Those are just movies… flip on the TV and you can find anything anywhere that speaks to your soul if you want to let it – even at 4am when the ghost of Billy Mays is still screaming at you about OxiClean and quite literally shaking your soul with his “enthusiastic shouting…”

The interwebz are an absolute fucking GOLDMINE today.

In the end, all of our entertainment is created from something.  Ideas are spun out from experience and reaction into complete worlds and stories full of vivid characters, archetypes and archetype shattering, action, love, humor, and the occasional doobie-induced car chase (here’s looking at you, Pineapple Express).  Entertainment is the greatest chance you’ll have to both escape from things and to address the same things head on without fear or anxiety.  They also give us that chance to look at something we’re proud of or happy about and say “holy shitballs that was fucking awesome.”  Or just getting to see something that makes you say “holy shitballs that was fucking awesome.”

This is one of the best parts of Avengers… if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve had over 2 months. Sorry kids. Can’t not use this gif any longer.

There’s little I can do about things like Twilight.  I can’t really say there’s any deeper meaning to them… clearly, he’s over 100 and she’s 16… I don’t believe Madame Meyer was thinking math when she made the central love story slightly… statutory.  But next time you want to sit in the back of a dark theater for a few hours… or you hop onto the sofa with a bowl of chips and salsa and get ready to watch the Breaking Bad premiere, don’t just zone out and escape.  At its best, entertainment is a lens for us to view our humanity.

I’d explain the title of this but … this video does it so well…

Far, far beyond all those distant stars…

See ya, Space Cowboy.



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