Pride 2012: The Pregame Post

Here I am trying to come up with another post so I can stick to this “weekly” shebang I’ve got going on.  In all honesty, I felt like this week’s post really needed to be Pride centered (as it’s Iowa City Pride this week/end) but what can I really say about that?  I’ve said a lot, beaten a lot of drums, and said just about all I can on the subject for the moment… or so I thought.


See, I’ve adequately established that I’m a nerd.  I’ve cemented myself as a patriot, liberal, and gay man… but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to put each of those in perspective relevant to… well… all of who I am.

I’ll keep this Pride centered as it is prime-time for that type of a post.  I think the easiest thing to say is that while I am a nerd, a gay dude, a gear head, a RABID soccer fan, writer, reader, etc etc… while I am all of those, it is all of those things TOGETHER that makes me uh… well… not even all that makes me, me… but it’s a start.

One of my all time favorite pictures. Love that girl. She’s one amazing woman.

Ever so often we all focus on what “defines” us.  We’re defined not only by our likes, dislikes, personality, and persona, but also by the experiences we have been through and have yet to go through, the music that moves us, and the shoulders we lean on when we need to AND EVEN THEN… we barely scratch the surface of the magnificent creatures we all have the potential to be.

So Pride.  That word holds meaning for every single person, regardless of orientation, history, ethnicity, etc etc.  Celebrating what makes us us is important.  Yes, for the LGBTQ community, it is SO IMPORTANT to recognize and celebrate the fight for equality but after that is over, the celebration will carry even more importance as a reminder of where we’ve been.  It’s a part of who we are as individuals in this community and in the fight for equality but THE DAY WILL COME WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER FIGHTING.  So plan for that day.

I don’t know when it will be.  The set date doesn’t matter until it arrives.  What matters is that we never EVER forget who we are as people – the whole package of US.  I intend to celebrate that this coming Saturday.  I get to be with two people who are very, very special to me (in different regards… don’t be all “OMG RISQUE!  3 WAY” or whatever lolz) and I fully intend to celebrate way more than the simple fact that I’m a gay man.  I intend to celebrate the events in my life, both blindingly bright and frighteningly dark, that made me who I am.  I intend to be a nerd, a soccer fan, a gear-head, a dog lover, a foodie, a runner, a comedian, a writer, a reader, a geek, a dork, a doofus, a brother, a friend, and a son.  I intend to celebrate being Justin Richard mother-fucking Plasket.  THAT is what Pride is.  That is what it should be… TO EVERYONE.  So celebrate!

And I’m so far beyond excited that I can’t even sleep right now.  (Though this is not being published until Thursday afternoon, I’m sitting here at 1:10am on Thursday morning, banging away on the keyboard)


2 responses to “Pride 2012: The Pregame Post

  1. As much as I love you and your blogs, I think that the Star Trek gif outshines the rest of this post (happy pride week, btw!). Both because there’s a mariachi band on the Enterprise and because of all of the people to be showing off his bitchin’ trumpet skills, Star Trek decided to cast Bill Murray.

    Separate note: I haven’t seen this episode. I want to.

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