Go to a Drum Corps Show

I’m fairly certain this will be a shorter post today.  First off, herp-derp writer’s block, and second… well there’s just not a whole lot that can be SAID about this topic.  You honestly have to sit in the stands and experience it for yourself.

If you want to see the “pro” side of the OTHER thing that’s worthy of being played on a gridiron, check out this schedule for a show near you.  http://www.dci.org/schedule/index.cfm  These kids (16-21 is the age limit) rehearse their asses off and travel across the entire country to compete and entertain.  YOU.  WILL.  NOT.  SEE.  ANYTHING.  ELSE.  LIKE.  IT.  IN.  YOUR.  LIFE.  You’ll hear music that spans all genres being performed by some of the most intense ATHLETES out there.

And don’t give me that “marching band is weird/dumb” stuff.  Every single person I have ever taken to a show has come out having had a great time and wanting to go to another… regardless of whether they played an instrument or not OR even if they didn’t want to go.  So seriously, find an excuse to get to a show and enjoy yourself.  It’s truly a spectacle.

And yes, most of these groups are better than even the very best college marching bands.

I’ll leave you with some videos.

and for an encore:

and this is fun too….


Right so that’s my drum corps hype post.  GO OUT AND SEE A SHOW!  I’ll be at (tentatively) Muscatine, Rockford and Lisle, IL… and if I can swing finals… I’m going to finals too.


See ya, space cowboy!




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