Zombification, Reanimation, Zombification, Reanimation (With Zombie Batman)

To paraphrase Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead), “It is only after we shed our comforts – the crutches of life that we value over the necessities – that we truly start living.”  Now, obviously, he said it much more eloquently than that (and had a certain wonderful individual returned my copy of Walking Dead: Days Gone By [the comic, mind you] I would have had the actual quote for you) but the point is the same.  We seek to envelop our lives in specific things that we enjoy, love, or that hold fulfillment and meaning for us.  BY NATURE, humans love routine and familiarity… to the point of OBSESSION without even realizing it.  In a sense, we become Zombies (or Walkers… as neither Kirkman nor ANY of the writers of the show ever written the word “Zombie” into dialogue in the comics/show).

This is “Zombie Batman” (Black Lantern Batman). It exists. I have the comic. It is fucking amazing.

Paradoxically, the first time I ever really felt “alive” was when my mouth formed the words “I’m uh… gay.”  I had gotten so used to my “routine” or hiding that part of me, being a nerd, going to school, going to work, having the same friends, etc etc that the scariest thing I’ve said to date was also one of the most “freeing” things.  This is NOT going to be some big gay post (though there might be one coming up soon telling Marvel and DC to cool their jets JUST a bit…).  I’m merely using this as an example of the type of paradigm shift my life that snapped me out of zombie-mode.

Fact is, we all get a little too comfortable with important aspects of our lives.  Sometimes, it’s school or work or family… Sometimes it’s a person we care about and can’t seem to stop making everything about that one person.  SOMETIMES it is more about hiding a part of who we are or maintaining a status quo… and sometimes, it’s about us watching too much TV or using social networking as an escape hatch from reality.  The list could go ON AND ON… (and speaking of awesome lists… here’s a list of major villains from the past 80-ish years… notice “Lebron James” IS on there)…

I plan on having this printed, framed, and hanging in whatever office I wind up having.

We all have ways that we fold into a single aspect of our identity.  We focus on said aspect or “thing” in our life that it becomes the BRAINZZZZZZ we crave for sustenance.  Breaking that mold is one of THE SINGLE HARDEST THINGS we ever do… and it’s not just something we do ONCE.  We literally get to a point where we restart a part of our lives – sending it back into the realm of the living and non-decaying-brain-craving-snarly-rotting-mindlessness – countless times throughout our existence.  Sometimes it’s a great big moment of “Clear!” followed by paddles-to-the-chest-and-ZAP!  Other times, it is a slow and incredibly painful process, like pulling off a band-aid (after a humid day where the adhesive has gotten all caught up on androgenic hair).

Both hurt like mother fuckers.  Both are shocks to our system.  BOTH … *cue Evanescence… and your judgement…* bring us back to life.

The big thing to remember is that we will go through this “Zombification” process and “Reanimation” multiple times over our entire lives.  It’ll be different each time and we’ll spend varying amounts of time in either state.  It’s entirely possible that the only time we’ll even realize it has happened is when we’re clawing our ways back… AND THAT IS COMPLETELY OKAY.  Zombies don’t exist, Humans do.  The systemic shock/emotional trauma we go through during this process reminds us of our Humanity… it is what reminds us we are truly ALIVE.  So embrace it when it happens and remember that we are all far more than just one simple aspect or vantage point.  We’re like that hilarious picture of Rick Santorum’s face made up of 1000’s of miniature gay porn stills…. only we’re neither Santorum nor made up of gay porn… but I had to fucking make the reference because he’s slipped back to irrelevance and that was a damned hilarious thing .

No.  I am not posting it.

You sick fucks…

In the end, we’re EVERYTHING in our lives and focusing on just a handful of things can lead to becoming a Zombie.  So stop with the brainz for a second and come back to Humanity.  Don’t lose everything just to finally be forced to come to life.

It’s a tall order sometimes but we all do it.

See ya, Space Cowboy.

OK FINE.  THOUGHT I was going to get out without posting a new trailer to hype you about a movie BUT……… yeah…




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