Hello, North Carolina? Yes, the President is Better than You

I’ve already done the post about social stigmas in X-Men being a representation of the manifestation of the adversity to and lack of understanding about diversity.  https://marginalchickenscratch.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/x-men-is-awesome-then-theres-the-dc-sexboot/

I’ve done the post about being a gay man living in a state that has legalized gay marriage.  https://marginalchickenscratch.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/lets-all-get-marrie/

I’ve written about my first experience at Pride (and the surprising wave of patriotism that washed over me and has stuck with me since that day) https://marginalchickenscratch.wordpress.com/2011/06/27/st-louis-pride/ and I’ve written the almost now obligatory “It Gets Better” post https://marginalchickenscratch.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/it-gets-better/.

All of this and still we are living in a time of change being a slow process often involving steps forward and steps backwards.  There’s so much I could say about the disappointment, frustration, and my own bigotry I felt watching North Carolina pass Amendment One the other night.  I sat on Twitter and CNN and seethed with anger at these people whom I deemed to be stupid and closed minded.  It felt like getting forced back into the closet and there was no way I was having that.

I pretty much wanted to do this to that entire state…

And then I remembered how fortunate I am to be living, for at least another year, in a state where I am a full citizen with every single right under the law that any other American has.  I remembered that I can let myself feel incredibly strong emotions toward a man and not have to worry about it being somehow “less than American” or some other bullshit.  And I remembered that change, even for me, is an often slow and sometimes painful experience but things always seem to work out for the better in the end.

The next day, President Obama publicly stated his support of Same Sex unions.  I have a strong feeling that when he was running for President, there was enough support from people who simply opposed Same Sex Marriages that it was left off of his platform.  This time, there’s enough OUTCRY (not to mention that Obama’s score card currently reads: Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Unemployment, and a whole slew of other things that pretty much bitchmakes almost any GOP platform against him) that not only was this a smart “Campaign Move” but the things he said were from the heart.  As a guy who is physically, psychologically, and emotionally attracted to men and who … yeah SPOILERS right there… it’s pretty amazing/important to hear such an influential figure say (paraphrased): “Enough is enough, mother fuckers.  Treat everybody equally.  I’m the fuckin’ President, Bitch!”

Yuuuuuuuup. It was a reference.

Not only would I like to applaud the President but I’d also like to draw attention to the very core of what we consider “equality” and what all these changes are driving toward.  Equality is not just having the right to marry whomever you love.  Equality is not just knowing that you are safe and protected as an American Citizen, no matter who you are.  The ultimate Equality – how we will know that we have finally arrived as a culture as far as sexuality is concerned – is the day where the thought never crosses the mind of a homosexual OR heterosexual individual that he/she must “come out.”  This may sound a bit like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (fuck that noise, btw) but it is more just “Don’t fucking worry about it.”  When we stop our cultural predilection with those who are “different” and stop seeking to define something as “normal” and another thing as “abnormal,” we will have finally taken the next step in our sociocultural evolution.  I hope it happens during the lifetime of my future kids… it’s a ways off for the bulk of my lifetime…

I’ll leave off here for now.  Gotta get ready for work and my night and all that fun stuff!


See ya, Space Cowboys!


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