There’s this thing about music that – for the majority of people – makes listening to it one of the most evocative and emotional experiences.  We can be moved to great elation or tears with a simple progression of chords and yet… this is not going to be about the “healing power of music on the soul” as that’s way too…. vanilla…. of a topic.

This is also going to be short(er[ish{maybe}]) than my other posts.

What we listen to at different major points in our lives can actually tell us a lot about one another… For instance, when I get my first real job, the song I will immediately play will be Frank Sinatra’s “This Town.”

There’s this big thing about playlists though… they tell a story.  Whether it’s a story of entertainment (eg. party playlists) or studying (mostly classical) or maybe… it’s just a playlist for your life at that moment.  So here’s my story from this past week:

“We’re In This Together” – Nine Inch Nails

“Outsider (Apocalypse Remix)” – A Perfect Circle

“Totally Fucked” – Spring Awakening

“When the World Ends” – Dave Matthews Band

“The Day the World Went Away” – Nine Inch Nails

“Nice Guys Finish Last” – Green Day

… and here’s the big, climactic, and hopeful shift!

“21 Guns” – Broadway Cast Recording of American Idiot

“Letterbomb” – Broadway Cast Recording of American Idiot

“Whatsername” – Broadway Cast Recording of American Idiot

“Fat Lip” – Sum 41

“First Date” – Blink 182

My point in all of this is that we look for different ways to tell our stories.  Some of us write, others talk or design/draw/paint/sculpt… but the one thing we all do is look for ways to relate our stories – our lives – to other things that provides a “shoulder to lean on” (even when we’re happy… then it’s all “hey bro! lemme lean up on you and laugh/smile”).  We look to TV and Movies (characters, stories, scenes, etc) but often we get the whole “This song is about ME” because, well, we’re geared that way.  Next time you make a playlist, make it end happy… no matter what… make it end happy.  Something tells me it’ll make a difference.

Alright I’m out.  Check out the Broadway Recording of American Idiot because it is ungodly amazing… People knock Green Day for their super plain chord progressions (I-IV-V-I pretty much every song) and for the general lack of both rhythmic and melodic complexity… but you realize that that allows composers so much room when treating/arranging it and when you “Broadway-ify” their music… OH MY GOD!

Uh… you guys fine with no pictures today?  I’ve gotta get going here real quick… something tells me you’ll live…


Ugh... Fine... here you go. I love this more than life itself sometimes.

See ya, space cowboys!


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