Being Deadpool

Oh look, I haven’t posted something on here in a real goddamned long time.  Actually, I’m sorry for that.  I don’t have good excuses so please don’t force me to come up with any.

I’m going to try and take this a different route as it’s a bit late and I want to get some good staring at the inside of my eyelids.  For once I don’t have anything I really want to rant about……………. wellllll…. let’s not say that.  Let’s say that right now, I’m alive and even though the football season panned out to really suck, I got played hard core by my ever loving institution of higher education I attend, and tonight I got completely and utterly BLOWN UP/OBLITERATED by a high school girl on a snowboard, I’m still trucking away.  (Yes yes… make the joke… I set you up for it)

Not to be tacky or anything (and god I feel like this is a cross between an emo post and an advice column… kill me or something please) but there is a lot to be said about just getting back up and getting back to it.  In a year where I got fired from an awful job (for basically being good and slightly arrogant), screwed with by Iowa (again), (removed on account of… well… As they say, “It Gets Better”), and constantly faced the ever daunting task of trying to make a name for myself doing what I love, somehow I still got back up every time (and there are plenty of people who have done the exact same after going through far far worse).

To break up the depressive stuff, I give you: Deadpool

So many people my age think they’re invincible.  It’s one of those things that really helps us take off and soar when we’re really cooking but it is also one of those things that makes us fall so very hard.  But alas, I actually AM invincible so none of this really does apply to me…….. (sarcasm).  But seriously, we only really realize our dreams after we fall so many times.  I reread a movie script I wrote a few months ago and it made me realize that it is the synthesis of the good and the hard times in our lives that makes everything worth it, in the end.

Rather than approach everything as if we were invincible, approach it as if no matter WHAT happens, we’ll always pull ourselves back together and respawn.  That, combined with a good sense of humor, good friends, and family (and maybe some pancakes), and ANYBODY can do ANYTHING.

If, by this point, you’ve suffered through all of this and still don’t know who Deadpool is or what he does… wikipedia him.

I promise I’ll be back updating and posting on a regular(ish) basis.  Got a couple things queued up already.

Until then: See ya, space cowboy.


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