Learn Stuff… It’s a Good Thing to Do!

Ah!  The whirl-wind has officially begun.  Suffice it to say that between work, school (mostly reading), and football season being in full swing (… and oh is it ever interesting…), I have definitely let stuff slide just a bit.  So anyway where was the world the last time I left it? (…and before the smartasses among you bring it up, yes, I was eating my own SATIRICAL words after Iowa got spanked by ISU… ho hum move along… just because we lost doesn’t make me dislike them less… and the denim comment was hilarious)

Anyway, the world.  NASA debuted the new rocket that will (hopefully) take us to Mars, Michelle Bachmann not only spelled “H-P-V” but stated her belief that the vaccine for it causes mental retardation while Rick Perry gave her the political “shut your mouth and make me a sandwich,”  Torchwood: Miracle Day ended and Husbands premiered, and I discovered io9 and Blastr.  Oh and Tom Brady and Mike Tolbert absolutely BEASTED fantasy football in week one (good thing I happen to have both of them AND started both of them… yup, Michelle Ryan’s Feet are trampling the competition!).  Oh fuck, and Archer premiered too.

The celebration for my first win this season was epic, as you can clearly tell...

All of that went on while I was sinking my teeth into some juicy Descartes.  Yup.

This violates my whole "balance of text and images" rule on here but it fits so well............

One of the things I have  come to realize is a total blessing about my college education (the “ethereal” kind of blessing, not the “OMG IS THAT THE EARTH’S LADY SPOT?!” kind of Blessing […ahem Miracle Day…]) has been the fact that I have taken a huge variety of courses.  I was always incredibly envious of my high school choir director not only for her incredible musical talent but also for her seemingly endless supply of knowledge.  You could literally sit down with the woman to have a conversation and go from politics to sports to literature through philosophy and eventually wind around to Broadway musicals.  It always blew my mind that I could literally sit down (or walk her home) and talk to her about literally ANYTHING.  I can distinctly remember one day where I thought to myself, “Hey, whatever I study and whatever I wind up doing, I want to be like Sims and be able to talk about almost anything.”  4 years later (with two semesters remaining) and I can say that I am well on my way and whoa boy has it paid off.

Maybe it is something reserved for those studying English Literature or Lit. Theory and Criticism but being able to reach into my dark and scary cobweb filled cave of a mind and pull out prior knowledge to support what I am learning has greatly enhanced my experience in the classroom.  This is not to boast or talk about how great I am (because God knows I’m far from anything above average).  Rather, I aim to point out the importance of being in possession of a well rounded education (and appearing “Educated”).

Read that last line as "...so... not this..."

Throwing this to the wind here but the whole “Maybe it is something reserved for those studying English…” was me trying to be nice.  There are more than a fair share of people who believe that one should ONLY SPECIALIZE IN WHAT THEY ARE STUDYING.  This may just be my opinion but General Studies are a necessary part of uh… everything in life.  Seriously, secondary to common sense, at least touching on each key area of study is important to simply being a competent human being.  Not everyone must specialize in everything but come on people, there is something to be said for being competent when it comes to speaking, reading comprehension, writing, math, economics, history, literature, basic chemistry, basic physics, etc.

Obviously there will be people who disagree with me (and who are very successful in whatever their “area” of study is) but honestly, I don’t care.  I simply prefer to learn as much as I possibly can and have found that it has greatly enhanced my studies and my social interactions.

So there.  New post.  Round yourselves people.  ROUND YOURSELVES!

See ya, Space Cowboy.


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