Doing the Student Thing

“Oh the places you’ll go.  You’ll be on your way up!  You’ll be seeing great sights!  You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.” – Dr. Seuss

Yup.  Through the first three days.  Aside from being completely inundated with reading while attempting to finish two full specs, start another, and touch up part of the original series I’m working on, life is completely good.  Oh… and also aside from the fact that all but two classes are totally “NO SCREENS ALLOWED” which pisses me off (Ed.  Yes I will openly acknowledge that I am pissed because this prevents me from Facebooking and Tweeting during boring sections of the class… it also forces me to transcribe my handwritten notes so that I can keep everything on my computer and organized).

Going on a rampage about this!

I wish I could say that the experience I have been having the past few days has been the norm for all the different classes I have been in at Iowa but unfortunately, I can’t.  What I CAN say, though, is that it is wonderful to actually be in an intellectual atmosphere that engages with students and treats us like the sentient adults we are.  This is not to air out any dirty laundry (per se… cliche but adequate phrase) but I am glad I can tip my hat to the U. Iowa English dept.  They really have their shit together and I am grateful.

We've all had classes where we felt like this...

I feel like this is the first “hello, I’m a college student with a blog” type entry I have made so excuse the “cherry popping” awkwardness or mistakes.  I guess everything gets better with practice.  Anyway so here’s me as an English major (once again), swamped with books and papers and opinions and the concerted effort to maintain a life as a writer outside my life as a student.  This is stuff I love.  Through all the reading and analyses, through all the rending at my scalp I do while trying to write academic papers, through all that shit and more, I truly do love it.

That’s it for now… if you are at all interested in the influences of modern science fiction, click this link and enlarge it.  It will blow your mind.

Here’s a condensed version of it.


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