Bouncing With Excitement About School (It’ll make sense…)

…AND…. The school year is almost upon us.  The book store is filled with people buying books and essentials, Twitter is blowing up about people missing Summit, and the brochachos have returned in full force for Rush Week.  A frenetic buzz has returned to Iowa City and has been building with energy for the past few days.  As much as I enjoy Iowa City during the summer (and let me tell you, I LOVE Iowa City in the summer), I am ready to kick back into classes.  The whole “stretching of the academic muscle” thing is actually fairly irresistable.  Hell, I have even decided that I want to find someone to dress up as Ruby Rhod and give me an introduction a la “Ruby’s Rap” from The Fifth Element for at least one of my classes.

I love this movie.

Of course another big part of classes starting is that football is also starting.  The beautiful thing about Windows 7 and being allowed to have a computer in class is that I can practice my multitasking!  Split screen windows allow for Microsoft Word to be open and easily accessed for taking notes (which, if you don’t believe me, I take really good notes when I have a computer with me AS WELL AS keep up with class and contribute to the discussion) at the same time that Chrome is up with ESPN, Facebook, Twitter,, and several other websites.  Yes, I go SLIGHTLY crazy during football season.  If it has to do with the Hawkeyes or the Chargers, I’m all about it and sometimes that means that I flip on the audio recorder and use that to record lecture while I read an article (and then transcribe the lecture later).  Basically, the correct fall combination of life experiences for me is class, football, burgers, bbq sauce, and the occasional beer and all of that  is so close now!  Seriously, I could just jump up and down repeatedly with excitement… I’ll let Katy Perry demonstrate:

Nope, Still gay.... but those are fun, Katy.

The other thing about school starting is that both College Freshman and Annoying Facebook Girl memes are infinitely more relevant.  That is a very, VERY good thing, especially for me.

Pretty much says it all...

And after that clusterfuck of cross dressing sci fi characters, bouncing Katy Perry, and College Freshman memes, you have my latest post.


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