Breaking into the Fantastic

One gigantic thing I get super hung up on is realism.  I’m a huge science geek and that presents a  minor problem with being a(n) (aspiring) science fiction writer.  I go to my quantum physics notes and reference pages/books as often (if not more often) that I reference my actual plot and arc notes whenever I work on a new project.  It is something I get really hung up on.  The big challenge one of my friends gave me sounded simple enough at the time: Come up with something fantastic and stop worrying so much about realistic science or syncing things up with modern theory.  Yeah that’s a total cake walk…….

So I started out on it.  Within 5 minutes I looked at what I had written down and something like this occurred:

It is MUCH more difficult for me to write something or work on something (original) without justification for the choices I am making.  Of course, when I write a spec of a show, I can justify anything simply because it is someone else’s idea to tell stories in XYZ Specific Universe with ABC things possible.  I have no problem with that.  The problem is that I at least need to justify how I can get away with certain things or else I lose my mind.

Naturally, this leads to a problem when attempting to meet said challenge.  How do I justify and do things that right now, math and science tell us are not possible?  Well the easy way out is saying “This is to entertain people and most people won’t take the time to research whatever thing just came up…” but that’s just so……….. unsatisfying.  How can I get away with [example removed as it is part of an actual project I am working on] and not have people stop and say, “wait a minute… Screw this.  There’s no way that can happen,” and give up on everything I worked so hard to create?  The most satisfying way of justifying this is the old: BECAUSE. I. SAID. SO.

You really wanna go?

Sometimes, it is fun to break the laws of physics in a story.  Sometimes, it is exciting to break linear reasoning or just say “Fuck it” altogether and defy reason completely in order to establish a new “reason” from a said structure.  As long as it is done confidently and the story is worthy of such egregious defiance, people will watch or read or listen and more importantly, they will enjoy.

That’s my two cents worth for the day.  Enjoy the dancing Doctors.

This might have made that move more tolerable...

See ya, Space Cowboy


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