The Fountain at the Bellagio

There’s the type of writing that I have fun with.  The type I can dive into and twist/mangle the plot or characters and somehow make it work.  Then there’s the type of writing that I only do on VERY few occasions.  The type where I reach into my own soul and tear the story out.  It stings and burns as I weave the very fabric of who I am into the ink on the page but somehow it feels right.  Call it an immolation of barriers, the torching of the guards we build up over certain parts of our lives.  There is something very purifying about that, provided one can handle how intensive it can be, and every so often I just NEED to do it.

This isn’t meant to be an “oh so sad” post or anything.  Rather, my intent is to point out that we all have stories.  Writers search for inspiration all around them.  They look to the news, to nature, and to those who surround them and yet the most potent, meaningful, and relatable stories reside within each of us.  Whether we write or not, it is important to revisit pivotal moments in our lives and the feelings that accompany them.  Even a recurring eddy of emotion that flows through our personality is something far more powerful than anything else we observe in nature.

I have never been to Las Vegas.  Not really my type of scene to be honest (though I’m sure I’d enjoy it) but there is a scene at the end of a movie that somehow makes the Bellagio’s fountain a pivotal part of who I am.  Maybe it was the fact that the scene was synced beautifully with one of my favorite pieces of music or maybe it was the sheer beauty of the fountains captured in that one scene but the Fountains have always been a HUGE part of some of the deeper parts of my writing.

I know exactly why I brought this up and believe me, it syncs perfectly for me :-D… I’ll leave you to guess at it but the Fountains are making an appearance in the pages in Final Draft right now.  It is a very good thing.

Best shot in Ocean's Eleven

See ya, Space Cowboy.


4 responses to “The Fountain at the Bellagio

  1. This is odd, because I just wrote something that was trying to get at this (for the record, I think you articulated it much better). In any case, beautiful post, and I feel like this is the type of writing I’ve been veering towards lately. Very cool to see one’s own feelings mirrored in another!

    Oh, and hello from a fellow Iowa City writer and student of Iowa University in Idaho City, Ohio! (Raygun is delightful.)

    • Why thank you and hello! (Raygun IS fun :-D). The one thing I have learned is that people often have the same ideas/feelings and yet nobody says anything, especially where writing is concerned.

  2. I love writing pieces like that. You’re right — it is hard, emotional and wearing, but at the end you’re always proud of what you came up with. I think some of the best writing comes from when you’re able to do that. And take risks. Good post, sir.

    • Dawww thanks! 😀 Plus, it is a ton of fun when you have that piece that is so serious and emotional and it becomes a fun adventure (that may or may not include the line, “I’m just a bad bitch… and you’re holding a live grenade”). It’s always good to have a solid emotional root in whatever you write.

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