Dogs and Bug Juice Knew this Was Coming

Bare with me here (this is a joke.  It is intentional…), I’m gonna try and do this whole MIND BLOWING OMGZ UUUU GUYS LOOK AT DIS! new format of making points.  Don’t worry, the pictures and requisite hilarity juxtaposed with an attempt at a deep and emotive point will still be here.  I am just going to split up three random points of interest from the past few days, throw them together, and hope for the best because let’s face it, I’m a BO$$.


The only possible reason I can find to even simply suggest the mere possibility of reincarnation is the fact that part of me believes I was a dog in my last life.  I mean, yes, I’m an animal person.  Specifically, I’m a dog person.  I can count on one hand the number of dogs through out my life that I have not gotten along with (0).  I even have that thing where there’s a “spot” behind my ears (no joke… but seriously don’t try to find it because that would be weird, ya dig?).  But seriously now, I’m a dog person.  I’ve even chewed on a dog bone once or twice (stopped short of burying it in the yard… but the temptation is always there…).

Like any dog person, I reveled in the opportunity to get to play with a puppy for a few hours the other night.  Let me tell ya, this dude had some GIGANTIC paws.  Seriously, his legs looked like Popeye’s forearms and damn he could kick some serious ass.  I took a paw to the face on a few occasions (and one to the nuts… whoops Mom, looks like you don’t have to worry about me knocking anybody up anymore…) but all in all, it was worth it.  That’s one things dogs do naturally throughout their whole lives but human beings get looked at all weird for doing when they are adults: play.  If you’re a dog person, seriously, roll around with a dog, play tug of war, chase ’em, do whatever.  It is highly worth it (plus, the affection is nice too).  And to those wondering, NO, the “Bucking Bronco,” while hilarious, does not constitute “Playing with a/your dog.”

The "Skittle Spray," also, does not count... though it is quite awesome.

On another note, I remembered how I used to love that one Disney Channel reality show, Bug Juice.  Yes, you are now given permission to judge away.  Seriously though, when I was a little kid, I loved that show.  Well, I loved all but the final episode because that is when you saw all the heart wrenching “good-byes” spoken with the limited vocabulary that most elementary/middle school kids have.  Those episodes sucked.  So yeah, definitely found myself on the instigating end of one of those emotional, awkwardly worded, and sappy good-byes and damn was it embarrassing… but worth it.  OH WELL.  The situation definitely merited the sappiness and everything but still, you gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.  So yes, I wound up having a “Bug Juice Moment” about 17 years too late.  So after this gigantic mood killer section, here’s something unrelated that you can laugh at.

Wat? u din't think I wuz srious?

I’m going to straight up acknowledge that this post probably won’t get tied together in the end.  That’s OK though.  Sometimes things don’t get tied up neatly and we are left with loose ends just fluttering away in the wind.  Other times, the loose ends are resolved without us even really realizing it until that gigantic “AHA!” moment.  That is one of the hardest things to replicate when telling a story, especially for me.  I’m have a problem being impatient and wanting to just completely ruin any surprise I have planned simply because I can act like a giddy kid every now and then.  “Drawing it out” is an art form that takes a LONG TIME to develop just the patience to not spill the beans.  You have to put the pieces in place but not obviously so.  You have to tell other stories and keep the overall arc entertaining while you set it up and then, in one singular moment, you show something just slightly different and everything makes sense and comes together.  All of a sudden, in that one instant, the people reading/watching the story are leaping around with excitement at a huge reveal… guess what?  The writers are doing the exact same thing.

Oh look, Lauren Ambrose is EXCITED!

See, it is like that time you take you dog to a camp ground.  He/she buries something in the ground on your walk.  You leave and return a year later and your dog starts digging.  All of a sudden, the bone your dog buried a year ago on that walk has been dug back up.  The hellos and good byes, the friendships, the activities, etc. have all covered it over the course of 365 days but in the end, the bone is still there.  All things hidden, are meant to be found.

Yup... I did it!

And just like that, we arrive at the end of the post.  (You’re welcome for the misdirection)  Adios!


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