Sometimes, Ass Happens. Don’t Act Like You Didn’t Laugh.

Tasteless jokes.  We all know that the actual percentage of us who don’t laugh a little at them are simply the percentage who are really uptight and have no sense of humor.  I am not advocating for malicious jokes.  Obviously, anything with malicious intent is not appropriate but really… I guess I’m just “Off Color” when it comes to my sense of humor.

Sometimes, ass happens, yo.

It also takes a really specific sense of humor to actually alter a mood I’m in.  Needless to say, I was in a bit of a funk.  Even a friend calling me to inform me he walked in on someone’s personal time did little to snap me out of that funk (albeit, he did call me to inform me of this during a rather… inopportune time…).  I will admit to appreciating the sentiment (this is why I love my friends, they care enough to try and make me laugh… and now, several hours later, I am LOLing my ass off at it) and now that I do find it humorous, I also find it serves as a representation of my what I enjoy about “ADULT humor.”

... yup...

I shouldn’t say that I only like tasteless jokes exclusively (you know me, I spread the love ;-D) but sometimes, it just helps to get down and dirty.  Yeah, I have had my best friend on my ass about my overuse of innuendo and crude humor but sometimes, it is just so good being absolutely filthy.  Suffice it to say that the course of jokes that made my night INFINITELY better (and lightened my spirits enough to thoroughly enjoy Eric’s valiant attempt to cheer me up) went in this order: Joke about Iowa being the #4 Party School, Amy Winehouse joke, Old Lady getting her tits out gag, Girls Gone Wild Reference, “Tits or GTFO,” 2 Girls 1 Cup, and Cake Farts.  Yup… pretty sick, right?

I also enjoy having “Awful Music” sessions on Turntable.  Helps me realize things like the following:

  1. I know all the words to Snoop’s part in “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls
  2. I can tolerate some pretty awful music
  3. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is only trumped by Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” for worst song

I missed TCAP last night... it made me sad. Then I found this.

Also, as a side note, I cannot find any Amy Winehouse meme’s yet… so maybe I’ll just post a picture of a crack pipe and then a picture of a bee hive?  Nah… too easy a target… like rubbing your balls on a sleeping person’s face….

And you thought it'd be a picture of humans.... for shame...

Anyway, this post makes no sense.  If you get a chance, I recommend following @FakeSallyMason on Twitter.  I have gone toe to toe with whoever is running that profile for the past hour or so… completely brilliant.  Horribly inappropriate but awesome.

FakeSallyMason is amazing

Ok so I’m gonna plug some memes and amusing pictures into this and by the time you read this line, you be reflecting on the hilarity you just witnessed (because god knows, what I wrote really isn’t that funny).

Keep playin’ those blues, kid!

Benny "Mullet" Goodman


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