Lights Out! Lights Out!

One of the coolest moments we can ever experience is when intentional and unintentional reality (coining those terms right now) sync up.  For instance, entertainers often seek that moment when their performance gives an audience chills.  That is “intentional reality” (they are intending for you to get chills).  Unintentional reality is when something unexpected and unplanned (or at least, as far as any regular person knows is unexpected and unplanned) has that very same effect.  When they sync up… it is pretty awesome.

I’m surprised it took me this long to get some music related (specifically, drum corps related) post up on here.  I’m a huge music nut.  Whether Rock, Rap, R&B, Broadway, Jazz, Classical, etc, etc, I love it and will give it at least a listen.  Hell, between my first stint as an English major and my current stint as an English major, I was a studying music education and had aspirations of being a band director.  Mainly for the marching (the synthesis of the visual and the musical aspects in an attempt to tell a story through emotions was and still is a very appealing concept) but I made a point of at least getting acquainted with the classical side of things too and wound up falling in love with quite a few major works.  Anyway, huge tangent aside, I love Drum and Bugle Corps.

So the whole Intentional Reality and Unintentional Reality syncing up thing?  Just something as simple as the lights going out at the end of a huge movement of a piece.  Enter, the 2011 Blue Devils.  Sorry the video is low quality.


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