Buckets and Bebop: Dreams to Influences to Dreams to…

What better to do on a lazy Tuesday afternoon but sit down and make a bucket list?  Well, I mean I could spend a few hours perfecting new drinks or cooking or reading or….. the list goes on.  Point is, I’m making a “bucket list” of sorts.  The “of sorts” is important here because let’s face it, Miracle Day happened and nobody is dying (bad joke but yes, I’m all hooked on Torchwood: Miracle Day and had to make a reference).  Call this my “Professional Bucket List” of things I want to do as a writer (in and ideal world where everyone wants to hire me and loves me and… lolz sorry, can’t take that seriously).

1. Write/Head up a live action dramatic presentation of Cowboy Bebop. (This is for fun so don’t be all like “THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN LAWLZ” because I am well aware of the difficulties in securing the rights, say nothing of the fact that the story as is was PERFECT).

One of the biggest influences not only on how I write, but on how I see stories/scenes in my head is Cowboy Bebop.  It was the first time I realized Science Fiction could be something that wasn’t Star Trek or Star Wars.  I was 12.  One night, at my Dad’s house, I flipped on Adult Swim (when they still had the derelict swimming pool advertisements that were so cool) and found this Anime where an androgynous early teen and a dog were chasing a dude for ‘shrooms.  I recognized the music as jazz I had been listening to for a few months (specifically “Tank!”) and was instantly hooked.  Tuned in the next night and found that the quirky and comedic nature of “Mushroom Samba” had become an undercurrent to a much more serious mood.  It was then that I decided to wait and watch the whole series in order.

The definition of "COOL" in Science Fiction.

For me, Bebop represents the proverbial “Woman in the Red Dress.”  She stands at the edge of the bar in a hazy lounge as a saxophone wails lament.  The lines of her perfect profile taper up to her sharp yet beautiful features on a face know you’ve never seen before but somehow, it feels perfect.  A quick flash snaps you out of your trance as you realize her supple lips have cracked to reveal a white smile.  Your ice clinks against the sides of your glass and you turn your attention to the bartender to order another.  When you turn back, she is gone.  Bebop is that woman (yes, I know… the whole gay thing makes it difficult to suspend your disbelief… just go with it).  It is the most complete representation of my favorite style of science fiction as it is character driven, future-noir, with an element of humor that remains a constant undulation throughout the entire series AND the way it is directed is how I see scenes in my head when I write them. It would be my dream to be able to work on a series of it (but only if said series is true and honorable to the original story… meaning it has an end and does not go beyond “The Real Folk Blues”).

2. Work with Jane Espenson.

If you don’t know who she is, look her up.  She is a one woman tour de force of writing.  Not only that BUT she is also from Iowa!  I have four “Idols” in the writing world right now and Jane Espenson, through her versatility and ease of dialogue, is at the top of those four.  Seriously, I practically worship the woman!  At some point in my life, I want the opportunity to at least sit in the writers’ room with her (albeit I will probably need a shovel to pick my jaw up off the floor).

3. Write an episode of Family Guy.

Pretty much a no-brainer if you know me.  Love that show.  The writers are all hilarious and the gags are top notch and fit my sense of humor.

There you have my top three.  Dreams to influences and back to dreams (and back to influences and on and on and on…)  Also, what would a post of mine be with out a meme?

Oh depth perception, Y U NO exist in animation?


4 responses to “Buckets and Bebop: Dreams to Influences to Dreams to…

  1. Jane’s from IOWA??


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