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An artist, whether musician, painter, storyteller, actor, etc, etc, would be nothing without inspiration and support from the world around him/her.  It is that world and the unique manner which said artist chooses to view it that inspires the creative mind.  One of the hardest things for an individual is to get ideas passed along into actual production.  That is where the world that inspires the creative mind comes back in and helps.

People crave stability and consistency.  It places an enormous amount of stress on individuals to have to constantly promote themselves AND work tirelessly on project after project, knowing that once one project is completed, they must pick up from scratch and start all over.  Contrary to popular belief, most writers, artists, musicians, etc are NOT millionaires and do NOT cruise around in Ferraris.  Most of us have to rely on word of mouth among friends and acquaintances just to get the word out about our work and even then, we still go to bed at night hoping that the “eye of the needle” just happens to have room for our creation to go through.  haha and you thought this would be a cow.....

All of this not in the search of millions.  Most of the time it is even split between the desire to make a living and entertain our target audience (and maybe some people who happen upon whatever it is we create and put out in circulation).  Creativity on this level (eg Creativity with the intent and aim to target mass entertainment) requires not only inspiration from the rest of the world, but also a helping hand.  Enter, once again, social networking.

If it can work for presidential campaigns in their attempts to raise billions of dollars, why shouldn’t it work for any other project?  The unique part about having social networking as such a HUGE part of every day life for all of us is that it allows us to be involved in aspects of one another’s life that we normally might not be.  In this case, I am referring to social networking allowing outsiders more than a glimpse of what goes on during the creative process.  Rather than simply taking a passive role of walking to the comic store and buying a comic or flipping on the television to watch a TV show (both of which, the creators of said work only see a fraction of the overall profits IF THEY ARE LUCKY), we now have an opportunity to be a part of the creative process.

And yes, there IS a plug here and it is damned good too.  Through Twitter (and I came across a project with a compelling story and a great artist.  Comic book writer Josh Gorfain’s new project is (one might see some similarities to my own personal style/genre of preference for entertainment) post-modern, ultra advanced world with social issues that are deeply rooted in issues found today.  From the “dangers” misuse of technology might present to social insecurities with individual identities and the dangers of being able to manipulate that as well as carrying the obvious (and very powerful) religious overtones, Meatspace, though still in the very early stages of garnering support, seems like a modern day Comic Book twist to a Greg Bear novel.  (That is a very good thing.  Greg Bear is a hell of a science fiction author with a handful of awards to his name.)

I will admit to being an armchair comic book/graphic enthusiast (typically sticking to Star Wars or X-Men) so a lot of the whole creative process is something I had very little knowledge of HOWEVER, in my researching about how to break into any entertainment market, one thing is apparent: IT IS VERY DIFFICULT.  Even once you are there, you are constantly between jobs and trying to out do yourself each time.  That is why the audience needs to have this opportunity for involvement that social media and networking now allow us to have.  The big advice to aspiring screenwriters is “If you can get a big star interested in your movie, you will have a better shot at getting it greenlit.”  What about flipping the tables on that advice in some Marxist style “the proletariat shall rise!” and getting the AUDIENCE interested?  There’s a few million of us out there and last I checked, the big loopy things and commas after the “1” make it more important and influential than the “1” by itself  (stupid play on 1,000,000,000 > 1).

So…. all of that leads somewhere.  If  you like comics, science fiction, or just want to try something new, you should really consider helping out with this project.  Gorfain has set up a kickstarter page to garner support to complete the comic before submitting it (a completed product GREATLY increases the appeal to production companies… less work they have to do).  Here’s the link:  Seriously, give it a chance and become an “active member” of an audience that will surely be entertained.

Oh and one more thing, I have a feeling that Meatspace will have PLENTY of requisite explosions, shooting, possibly stabbing, etc that we ALL enjoy from comic books (even if we are merely arm chair enthusiasts).  And seriously, there is an option to support with anything from $1 – $500.  An 8 year old, with his/her allowance can find a place to give.  Just saying…

Alright, I’m out.


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