Bullitt, Terminator Cobra, Getting on With It

I’m a Mustang boy.  Grew up that way and will probably always be that way.  Naturally, this means that live rear axles rule the day (don’t give me that independent rear suspension BS) and that it’s the size of the block and the roar of the exhaust that make a car a car and the driver a man (or woMAN…. have to be politically correct).  It also means that whenever Bullitt is on TV, I watch it.

Part of the car chase.

Yes, I know.  V8s are the Devil and if you supercharge them they become the Super Devil because of their “drinking habit” (gas guzzling).  None of that matters though.  If you want my undivided attention, say the words Shelby GT 500 or Saleen S281E (and if you wanted me to sleep with you, “Saleen S351” would get you pretty far).  I can remember bursting with excitement just reading about the 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra (or “The Terminator”).  The very concept of adding forced induction (and blower whine) and a sixth gear to the top factory performance Mustang that wasn’t modified by another company was mind blowing.  That was just READING about the thing.  When I finally got a ride in one, it was another sensation entirely but the real fun came when I first drove one.  390hp pounding down onto the asphalt while the Eaton blower screamed it’s lungs out.  That was an adrenaline rush.

That just LOOKS frightening and awesome.

Now yes, I know the new baseline V6 model makes about 300 horsepower and the GT is over 400 (say nothing of the Cobra) but back then, the Terminator was the epitome of the “Giggle Factor” (until you get into after market tuner ‘Stangs).  When that car came out, I didn’t do homework for a week nor did I really even pay attention in class.  I had car magazines to read.  I believe one or more of my 7th grade (production year is often at least half a year before the actual year so I was in 7th grade with the Terminator first hit the streets) writing assignments revolved around that car.  (This paragraph was going to have a good conclusion but the chase scene in Bullitt just ended and now I don’t remember what I was going to say).

I guess it can sometimes be the smallest things in life that make one realize that there is far more to it than any ONE particular thing.  Be it writers block, issues with friends or family, frustration with a current situation, etc, there are plenty of things out there that make you realize there is always something that will make you feel better.  Even if you just spend an hour reveling in the sound of a car you love (but do not own) and watching a mediocre movie with one of the greatest car chases of all time, it is something that we all need to do when life gets us down.

My personal “weapons of choice” are food and a car magazine.  The occasional movie also helps sometimes.  I got all three today.

Until next time (and I promise I will return to writing something deep or intellectual after my two most recent posts.  I have been a scatter brain recently.)


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