Why I Love Zombie Movies

I have a borderline obsession with Zombie movies.  Not so much for the actual quality of the story (28 Days Later is a favorite for the story and in a different category in my mind) but more for the insane amounts of ass kicking.  The easy literary analysis of Zombies is that they represent over consumption in our society and that the fight against them is a representation of our own internal battle to be more than the products we own, what we wear, and how we decorate ourselves (cars, clothes, electronics) for the world to see.  Obviously, it would be a much better world if everyone were naked, walked everywhere, and still wrote things with a feather pen on parchment paper… or maybe not.

Another way to look at zombie movies, and one that I find so enjoyable, is to see the zombie as a symbol for things you are not and things you hate.  You can find different types of zombies within each movie and they all can represent different things.  The beauty of it all is that most of the time, the good guys win, it is usually awesome, and holy gorefest with hot chicks batman!

Yes, I am specifically referencing the Resident Evil movie franchise.  They are some of my favorite movies.  That, and Afterlife was on a few nights ago and whenever that is on, I watch it.  But really now, what do slow moving, busted assed, mindless, cannibalistic, undead things have with anything?  Most of them are pretty easily categorized into people we all know.  There’s that one person who is completely mindless but still has to have their way, the person who drags their feet on everything, and even the people who will do ANYTHING to get ahead.  Zombies, rather than simply representing consumption, have taken on a more familiar guise.  They can also represent the things in ourselves and others that we wish to change or eliminate.

But really, you know why I love these movies (and to some of you it might blow your minds)?

Hello, zombie boys, we're all wet.

Who doesn’t love attractive, ass kicking women, who also happen to be sopping wet?  My only suggestion is to change it up just a tad for the next one.  Instead of water and leather, how about snow and arctic gear?  Instead of a sawed off, get an assault rifle.  Instead of a twin engine plane, use a helicopter.  Keep the zombie dogs…. and yeah if you really need me to spell it out, cast Sarah Palin and call it a “Documentary.”


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