John Ruh, party of one?

I’ll admit it, I’m a genre snob.  I have my obvious preferences and pass swift judgement on things that (I believe) sound utterly stupid and yet my biggest fear is getting shoehorned into one genre.  It is good to have things you do well and are familiar with but the genre doesn’t make the story.

What makes the story is the core concepts addressed within it.  The plot, the interaction between the characters, the setting are all used to convey a specific message the author wishes to communicate.  Whether an individual is writing a science fiction serial or a teen drama, it is more about what you say than what specific genre the story falls into.

At least as far as personal tastes go, I have started drifting to books, short stories, movies, and tv shows that blend many genres together and manage to make it cohesive and intellectually stimulating.  So go ahead, write that rom-com.  Write the living shit out of it.  I may just give it a try.  For those of us who ONLY write one genre, try something new.  Use what you are good at and apply it to something foreign.


And for those interested, dinner tonight is BBQ Pork Steak, Pasta Salad, and Slaw.  The Beer is Sam Adams East-West Kölsch.  The television is currently playing Star Trek: First Contact on SyFy and the iTunes Playlist features Mika, Gabin, and a bit of Muse.



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